Four time Emmy nominee X. Dean Lim ( “XDL” ) has directed 1,650 episodes of television and is currently a Disney/ABC and SONY Director fellow ( portfolio found here).   


First World Problems is the first of many passion projects.  

Hand-picked by Steven Spielberg to compete on Spielberg director’s competition show, Dean recently directed the gameshow Funny You Should Ask (Tiffany Haddish, Howie Mandel, Anthony Anderson, etc.) and last fall he directed Ep 308 of ABC’s The Good Doctor.  


A former magazine feature writer, Dean is originally from New York.  He  is a comic book-level illustrator and a college-level tennis player - after playing the game for three months, he made it to the finals of the US Open in Paddle Tennis.

He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter.  

Manager: Jermaine Johnson - 3Arts Entertainment (310.888.2160)  

Agent: Dino Carlaftes - The Kaplan/Stahler Agency (323.653.4483).






Chris Saul is a Los Angeles based Cinematographer who has worked with NIKE, ASICS, Coke Cola, Verizon, Herseys, NISSAN, Ford, Cadillac and Chrysler.  

To view additional work, please visit:  www.ChrisSaul.com

You can follow his pictorials at www.instagram.com/chrissaul/