"200 Dollars"

Lemme ask you something: what are your problems? 


Is it debt? A lack of education?  Or worse a diagnosis? 


Or maybe there's no gluten-free alternative? Or someone threw out your US Magazine?  Or those corporate assholes are blocking out your local game?


Don't get me wrong, you're allowed to think you're problems suck. But the question is: how much do you dwell on them? How much do you think your problems are the only problems in the world?


Then again do you care? Or do you ignore other people's problems because you don't want that come-to-Jesus-moment, the realization that maybe your shit ain't all that bad after all.  



My grandparents fought a world war.  My parents were part of revolutions.   Me? I hemmed and hawed about what latte I was getting at The Coffee Bean.  And when I realized this, I realized how little I contribute.  


First World Problems is about having perspective - mine, born from the soul-searching I experienced while visiting ancestral homes ( the spartan, rural variety ) with $195 flip-flops.  That was the day I knew I was a douchebag.  


But to be honest as an American I’m hardly unique - we kinda breed that stuff here. 


As an Asian, however, I have a unique perspective on the American Dream.  I’ve known racism and acceptance, ceilings but also access, ignorance and education as well.  


In essence, I sit right in the middle of a polarizing American experience. I can identify culturally, ethnically and economically with vastly different existences.  Through that exploration of perspective, I've created First World Problems.    


With an incredibly talented cast that includes Stephen Park (Fargo), Tamlyn Tomita (Berlin Station), Brandon Soo-Hoo (Tropic Thunder) and Nikki Soohoo (The Lovely Bones) along with the ethereal work of cinematographer Chris Saul, please enjoy our pilot pitch for First World Problems.      





First World Problems is from the 68 page pilot script and the first chapter in an anthology series.   Scoring in the top 5% of The Blacklist, this pilot pitch was a Grand Jury Prize nominee with its premiere at the SXSW Film Festival.  Later, FWP had its international premiere in London's Raindance Festival.  


A drama told with biting comedy, First World Problems follows the lives of a typical American family who are on their way to a life of apathetic douchebag-ery.  


But when a tragic secret haunts the father and awakens the voices of quieted desperation that have been long brewing within, he finds himself asking is this all there is?  


The episode, entitled “200 Dollars”, follows Harold’s sudden, drastic efforts to challenge the life, perspective and identity of himself, his wife and his two children. 


And in the end they ask:  Just how bad is your shit really?